How to Recover Windows 7 Password With Chntpw Usb Disk

Did you lose your Windows 7 password? Are you looking for a free password recovery] tool and an easy way? This article may be the one you are looking for. Keep reading! Chntpw is hard to use for many people. I recommend use Spower Windows password reset tool.


  1. Download chntpw to a computer you can access to. To create a USB Windows password recovery disk, you should downloadchntpw from this link: Windows Password Recovery
  2. Create a USBWindows password recovery disk.2.1 Prepare a USB drive with at least 10M free space. Notice: You have better backup all your data on USB drive before creatingWindows password recovery disk.2.2 Unzip to the USB root directory.2.3 Run command prompt (run as administrator if possible), type:N:\syslinux.exe –ma N: . N indicates your USB drive letter. This command will create boot loader at USB drive.
  3. Set the locked computer to boot from USB drive.To set computer to boot from USB drive, one simple way is that press the boot menu key while powering on the computer and then select the USB drive as boot drive.Another way is that press theBIOS entry key while powering on the computer and access to the BIOS to set the USB drive as the first boot option. For more information about this topic, please visit How to set computer to boot from USB drive.After setting the locked computer to boot from USB drive, plug in USB password recovery disk to computer, save BIOS setting, restart computer, and wait for the chntpw program to startup.
  4. Reset Windows 7 password to blank. After chntpw startup, you will see the first screen which shows copyright information and driver option information. Do nothing with the driver option, leaving program automatically select.
  5. Now, Follow the step ONE, TOW, THREE to reset the user password.
  6. Select the disk where the Windows installation is.
  7. Select the volume where your Windows install on.
  8. Select PATH and registry files. Keep the default and press enter to go on. The next screen will tip that select which part of registry to load user predefined choices.
  9. Select Password reset [sam system security]. Step THREE: Password or registry edit.Select Edit user data and passwords, and some user of Windows will be listed. Input the user you want to reset its password and go on. At User Edit Menu, select Clear (blank) user password. With the prompt that you had cleared the user password, the next steps are that follow the prompt to save user data and quit.

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